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Palmer Johnson

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27 Şubat 2024 - 10:18

Palmer Johnson

Palmer Johnson: A Century of Maritime Innovation

Changing the game since 1918, Palmer Johnson has a unique story in the maritime world. The nearly century-old story of an authentic brand of vision, evolution and innovation are just some of the elements that make Palmer Johnson unique.

The story of Palmer Johnson is from humble beginnings as a wooden boat builder. But the brand’s breakthrough moments came with the famous Palmer Johnson yachts, which won every major championship race during the golden age of sailing yachts.

Over the last decade, Palmer Johnson has attracted attention with the groundbreaking design of SportYachts. Now, it is setting a new standard in the marine world with its revolutionary SuperSport series.

The brand’s values are centered around design, performance and emotional appeal. These values are deeply embodied in the soul of Palmer Johnson and are visible in his beautiful yachts.

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